Dentist in Waco Helps Determine the Best Filling Options

January 12, 2017

Looking for a natural dental restoration? Our dentist in Waco compares composite resin (tooth-colored) and amalgam (metal) fillings for you. If you or your child are facing uncomfortable sensitivity due to a cavity, you may want to visit our family friendly dentist in Waco, Dr. Rick Cofer. Premier Family Dental is familiar with dental restorations, specifically fillings. Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. We can provide you restored function, integrity, and most importantly, your confidence with a simple filling.


Healthy Teeth Make a Great New Year’s Resolution! Call Your Dentist in Waco

January 10, 2016

friends with beautiful smiles celebrating the new year with healthy teeth thanks to their dentist in wacoPeople make a lot of New Year’s resolutions. From dramatic weight loss plans to spending more time with family to paying off debts. Whatever your New Year’s resolution, remember, a beautiful smile goes with everything. According to studies conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, people found a beautiful smile to be an indicator of confidence, and were most likely to remember smiles than any other part of a first impression. Researchers at UC Berkley think that smiling more often allows people to live longer, happier lives, and an employment survey showed people with an attractive smile were more likely to get hired or promoted. Maybe 2016 is your year to shine with a picture-perfect smile from the team at Premier Family Dental in Waco.

Don’t Fear a Root Canal Waco

December 21, 2015

man holding ice pack to his face has a toothache and needs the relief of a root canal waco residents rely onToothaches have been the topic of much debate for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations believed worms living in teeth caused toothaches, ancient Egyptians recommended holding a dead mouse on aching teeth, their Chinese contemporaries wrapped parchment around teeth with prayers for relief written on them, and Germans in the middle ages recommended kissing a donkey for toothache relief. On February 9th, the feast of St. Apollonia is celebrated. This is also known as toothache day since St. Apollonia was severely beaten by and lost all of her teeth before succumbing to her wounds, and is the patroness of dentists and dental pain. Luckily, modern dentistry provides better solutions for toothaches than kissing livestock or praying to saints. One of the most severe toothaches patients will experience is caused by root canal infection. Root canal infection is actually infection of the inner, pulp, layer of the tooth not necessarily confined to the root canal. All of the nerves in teeth are found in the pulp, so it’s no surprise that these infections are painful. At Premier Family Dental, we offer painless root canal therapy to restore patients’ smiles.

Get the Same Day Dental Crowns Waco Residents Prefer

December 14, 2015

Beautiful smile thanks to dental crowns waco residents preferFor years, patients who needed dental crowns had to wait two or more weeks to receive a custom dental crown. After preparing the damaged tooth, dentists sent plans, images, and scans to a ceramics lab where dental restorations were milled and sent back to the practice. While the customized tooth was being crafted, patients wore a temporary crown that was prone to breaking and coming dislodged. At Premier Family Dental, our Waco dentist and team offer an alternative: CEREC same day dental crowns.

Restore Your Smile with the Same Day Dental Crowns Waco Relies On

October 8, 2015

A man with a beautiful smile thanks to the dental crowns Waco residents preferIf you’ve ever had a crown placed, you likely visited your dental office three or four times, made goopy dental impressions, and had to sit still as your custom crown was further customized during placement. At Premier Family Dental, we offer patients state-of-the-art same day dental restoration utilizing the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) system. The entire appointment takes just a few hours, and you leave our office with a fully restored smile. If you’re in need of dental restoration, our skilled Waco dentistry team is ready to help you renew your smile. Call to schedule your CEREC consultation today.

Dental Crowns in Just One Day with Waco CEREC

September 17, 2015

young man smiling with teeth fully restored thanks to Waco CERECYou probably know a little bit about crowns — after all, they’ve been an excellent solution for restoring smiles for decades now. If you have broken, damaged, missing or misshapen teeth, you may be considering getting crowns as a way of restoring your smile to one you feel good about. If so, you’re on your way to making an excellent decision for your teeth, and your life. And the good news is about to get even better. At Premier Family Dental, we can give you crowns in just one day — that’s right, same-day crowns are available right here in Waco.

With something we call CEREC, the process for getting crowns is now far faster, more comfortable and longer lasting than the traditional method. CEREC crowns provide the speed, comfort and results you’re proud of. Read on to learn more about them — we’re confident that if you need crowns, the CEREC option is an excellent choice.

Crowns in a Day from Premier Family Dental, Your Waco Dentist

June 22, 2015

134124545At Premier Family Dental, we understand that you’d really rather not hear that you have a tooth that needs a crown. Well then, hear this—with CEREC One Day Crowns, we can restore your decayed or damaged tooth in, well, a day. Now, a new crown from Dr. Rick Cofer and the team in Waco, TX, no longer requires two appointments in the office. The CEREC in-office dental CAD/CAM equipment by Sirona allows us to restore your tooth quickly and beautifully and send you on your way smiling.

Dental Crowns Waco Can Smile About

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a crown. Perhaps one of your teeth is severely decayed or is damaged due to injury. A root canal also usually necessitates a crown. Or maybe you need a crown to secure a bridge in place. Whatever the reason, with CEREC, Waco residents can have a newly restored tooth and smile in practically no time.

The CEREC system includes a digital camera with which we obtain an optical impression of the tooth that needs repair; 3-D CAD software that designs the restoration; and a milling unit that uses high-speed burs to fabricate your new tooth right in our office.

The One Day Crown Procedure

First, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and that the area surrounding the affected tooth is adequately anesthetized. Then, a digital photograph is taken of the tooth and sent to the CEREC computerized system. This system in turn creates a virtual model of your teeth in order to create a crown that is accurate in color, shape and bite surface. This design is transferred to the CEREC milling unit at Premier Family Dental and your new crown is fabricated in about 20 minutes. Once the restoration is ready, it can be polished, stained or glazed for a completely natural appearance. Finally, your new tooth is inspected, checked for fit and cemented into place.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you’d like to learn more about crowns in a day with CEREC, or to make an appointment, call Premier Family Dental. Our Waco, TX, dental office is proud to serve patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Robinson, Lorena, and beyond.

Recover Your Healthy Smile with a Custom Dental Crown in Waco, TX

March 24, 2015

152124185Decayed and damaged teeth can often be saved and restored with a quality dental crown. Dental crowns are the dental fail-safe responsible for renewing the dental health and saving the natural teeth of millions and millions of patients. If you have recently discovered a decayed or damage tooth, Dr. Cofer can help. Schedule your dental crown restoration appointment with Dr. Cofer at Premier Family Dental today. Premier Family Dental is the leading restorative dentistry of Waco, TX, Robinson, Lorena, and the surrounding communities.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Your teeth have two main components, the root and the crown. The root of the tooth is covered by your gums. The part of the tooth that is visible above the gum line is called the crown. A permanent cemented restoration that partially or completely covers the tooth crown is known as a dental crown. Historically, dental crowns were made of metal (amalgam), but modern dentistry utilizes tooth colored porcelain and ceramic which blend seamlessly with your natural surrounding teeth, rendering your restoration virtually invisible.

Do You Need a Dental Crown Restoration?

You may require a dental crown to restore a tooth and protect it from extraction:

  • After a Dental Filling: If you have a tooth with an unusually large cavity or fracture (involving half the width of the tooth or more) you will probably need a dental crown. The remaining tooth structure will be too weak and prone to fracture if left uncovered.
  • After Root Canal Therapy: Root canal therapy can leave the treated tooth hollowed out, which makes it vulnerable to cracking.
  • To Repair a Fractured Tooth: You may need a dental crown to cover a tooth with fractures inside that cause pain when chewing.
  • To Reinforce a Worn Down Tooth: If you have a teeth grinding habit, your teeth will become shorter over time or your enamel may wear away completely. The only way to restore your teeth properly is by increasing and reinforcing the biting surface with a dental crown.
  • To Restore a Damaged Tooth: Individual teeth that require color, shape, or alignment correction can be made to look naturally beautiful with a new dental crown.

Waco Dental Crown Appointments

If you need immediate tooth repair, schedule a dental crown restoration appointment with Dr. Cofer at Premier Family Dental today. Premier Family Dental is the trusted restorative dentistry of Waco, TX, Robinson, Lorena, and the neighboring areas.

Restorative Dentistry from Premier Family Dental

October 7, 2013

restorative dentistrySometimes despite our best efforts, our smiles can become damaged and worn. Whether the damage is cause by age, decay or trauma, there’s no need to just accept it as part of life. At Premier Family Dental, we offer a variety of restorative dentistry our-services to restore our patient’s smiles.

We offer a variety of restorative dentistry treatments to help restore and repair a number of smile problems. If you’re missing teeth, have damaged or decayed teeth, or are suffering from a root canal infection, we can help you. The our-services we offer include the following:

  • Crowns and fillings
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures and partials

Dr. Cofer, Jr. will start by inspecting your smile to determine all smile issues and concerns. He will then come up with a custom treatment plan to address all issues and leave you with a healthy smile. If you’re interested in seeing how we can repair damage and restore health to your smile, please give us a call today. Restorative dentistry is an important part of our practice and we’d love to use our skills and experience to help transform your smile. No one deserves to have a smile that is less than complete.

Premier Family Dental provides quality dental care from our Waco dental office because we truly believe in the power of a beautiful smile. We serve patients from Robinson, Lorena and the Central Texas area. Call us today to schedule your appointment.