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June 22, 2015

134124545At Premier Family Dental, we understand that you’d really rather not hear that you have a tooth that needs a crown. Well then, hear this—with CEREC One Day Crowns, we can restore your decayed or damaged tooth in, well, a day. Now, a new crown from Dr. Rick Cofer and the team in Waco, TX, no longer requires two appointments in the office. The CEREC in-office dental CAD/CAM equipment by Sirona allows us to restore your tooth quickly and beautifully and send you on your way smiling.

Dental Crowns Waco Can Smile About

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a crown. Perhaps one of your teeth is severely decayed or is damaged due to injury. A root canal also usually necessitates a crown. Or maybe you need a crown to secure a bridge in place. Whatever the reason, with CEREC, Waco residents can have a newly restored tooth and smile in practically no time.

The CEREC system includes a digital camera with which we obtain an optical impression of the tooth that needs repair; 3-D CAD software that designs the restoration; and a milling unit that uses high-speed burs to fabricate your new tooth right in our office.

The One Day Crown Procedure

First, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and that the area surrounding the affected tooth is adequately anesthetized. Then, a digital photograph is taken of the tooth and sent to the CEREC computerized system. This system in turn creates a virtual model of your teeth in order to create a crown that is accurate in color, shape and bite surface. This design is transferred to the CEREC milling unit at Premier Family Dental and your new crown is fabricated in about 20 minutes. Once the restoration is ready, it can be polished, stained or glazed for a completely natural appearance. Finally, your new tooth is inspected, checked for fit and cemented into place.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you’d like to learn more about crowns in a day with CEREC, or to make an appointment, call Premier Family Dental. Our Waco, TX, dental office is proud to serve patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Robinson, Lorena, and beyond.

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