Dr. Rick Cofer of Premier Family Dental Performs Your Dental Implant Procedure from Start to Finish in Waco

Lots of dental practices claim, “We do it all!” but the Waco dental practice of Dr. Rick Cofer truly delivers with complete dental implants care all under one roof. And while other dentists often begin placing implants after a single weekend course, Dr. Cofer boasts 192 hours of study in dental implantology.

Dental implants provide the most natural results available for tooth replacement, mirroring the function of your own teeth by using titanium posts implanted in the jaw bone as tooth roots. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the root, and this can cause long term jaw problems from bone loss. Dental implants support your jaw bone, preventing loss and keeping your bite stable. And Premier Family Dental makes this procedure affordable and convenient for residents of Waco as well as surrounding towns including Robinson and Lorena.

Porcelain crowns top off your dental implants, completing your smile and giving back your ability to speak and eat normally. Are you a denture wearer? You might experience occasional slipping of your dentures, which can be embarrassing. Dental implants provide secure results – slippage need not ever be a problem again. And since dental implants won’t require refitting every few years, which can be necessary with dentures and partial dentures, they provide excellent long-term value compared with other tooth replacement options. If you would like to discuss dental implants with Dr. Cofer, contact our Waco dental office today to schedule an appointment.

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