What’s Causing Your Bad Breath? (plus solutions!)

May 9, 2016

waco dentistNo one is immune to periodic bouts of bad breath, but when your odor goes beyond a temporary after-lunch condition into a chronic, foul problem, you may need to make some changes to breathe fresh air once again. As your Waco dentist, Dr. Cofer wants you to enjoy a happy mouth — keep reading to learn more about what’s causing your smelly breath, and what you can do about it.

Frequent Causes of Bad Breath

Several factors  could be causing you to breathe that foul smell, and discovering what’s at the root of the problem may take some time. Your dentist in Waco TX sees the following as the most common causes of bad breath.

Gum Disease

Considering the fact that the majority of Americans are dealing with some form of gum disease, it’s no wonder that bad breath is such a common issue. Gum, or periodontal, disease causes the chronic, smelly problem, as the gums harbor bad-smelling bacteria.

How to stop it: Schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine if gum disease is what’s causing your bad breath. If it is, extra-diligent brushing and flossing or gum disease treatment will help to eliminate the odor and return your gums to their original health.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is your mouth’s self-cleaner. It washes away the bacteria that causes plaque, decay and, yes, bad breath. Without enough fluid in the mouth, these particles collect on the tongue, gums and teeth — and they’re detrimental to good dental and oral health.

How to stop it: If you’re frequently parched throughout the day, invest in a reusable water bottle to help remind yourself to drink H2O for a healthier mouth and fresher breath. If medication is causing your dry mouth, talk to your doctor about alternatives.


It’s no surprise that what you eat can affect your breath, but it’s not just onions and garlic. As it turns out, certain acids are released as the body burns fat, too — and these acids don’t smell great. Be aware of your risk for developing chronic bad breath the next time you try out one of those low-carb, high-fat or protein diets.

How to stop it: If you suspect something you’re eating is causing your halitosis, keep a food journal and take note of when the foul odor arises.

Poor Dental Hygiene (Read: Not Flossing)

Too many adults believe flossing isn’t really all that necessary for good dental health. But guess what? They couldn’t be more wrong. Take a whiff of your used floss the next time you’ve skipped a couple of days. That’s the bacteria that’s allowed to harbor inside the mouth… unless you take the time to thoroughly remove it every evening!

How to START it: Make a habit out of flossing by placing the floss prominently in your bathroom. Don’t let yourself get into bed until you’ve cleaned between your teeth.


Do you have remaining doubts about your breath? Please get in touch with your dentist near Robinson TX to discuss your gum and tooth health today.

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