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September 25, 2015

woman brushing teeth with the toothbrush the waco dentist recommendsAt Premier Family Dental, we focus on comprehensive, conservative, preventive dental care. Comprehensive means we keep the optimal function of total oral health in mind when determining treatment. Conservative treatment retains as much natural dentition as possible, and preventive dentistry looks to stop oral health concerns before they start. One of the biggest contributors to preventive care happens outside our dental practice. Our team cleans and examines your teeth two days a year, but the remaining 363 days are all up to you. That’s why we offer guidance to maximize the benefits of your at-home care routine. Possibly the most essential aspect of oral hygiene is tooth brushing. The dentist 76712 residents rely on offers answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about toothbrushes. Call our Waco dentist to find out more or to schedule your appointment today.

How do I Pick the Right Toothbrush?

Picking a toothbrush is actually pretty simple. Imagine all the rows of toothbrushes at your local pharmacy. Now, any toothbrush that has “firm” or “medium” bristles is out. It may come as a surprise, but it’s just as easy to brush effectively with a basic, soft bristled toothbrush as it is to brush with one of the complex toothbrushes with all the bells and whistles. It’s really all about personal preference. However, if you want to invest in a pricier brush, it may be worth your while to consider purchasing an electric toothbrush. The most effective at home care mimics the motions of an electric toothbrush to remove optimal bacteria and debris, but for many patients, using an electric toothbrush is the best way to thoroughly eliminate plaque.

How Often Should I Replace my Toothbrush?

You should replace manual toothbrushes and the heads of electric toothbrushes every three months. This ensures that minimal bacteria, mold, or fungus has the opportunity to populate the bristles. Additionally, bent or twisted bristles can get caught between teeth, or damage soft tissue.

How Should I Store my Toothbrush?

Always store your toothbrush or mechanical toothbrush head upright and uncovered. This allows bristles to fully dry between uses reducing the growth of mold and bacteria.

Do Toothbrushes Need Cleaned?

For the most part, no. As long as you replace it regularly and store it properly, your toothbrush should remain relatively clean. If you would like to be extra hygienic, you can soak your toothbrush in antimicrobial mouthwash for about 10 minutes once a week. Some patients even wash their toothbrush on the top shelf of their dishwasher.

The Preferred Waco Family Dentist

If you have questions or you’re ready to schedule a six month dental checkup and teeth cleaning, call our dentistry team today. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best, and maximizing your oral health care in and out of our Waco office dentist office.

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