The Internet’s New Dental Fads Expelled by a Waco Dentist

September 22, 2017

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young woman at the dentistEvery time you turn around, there’s a new beauty trend to try—even for teeth! Whether it’s a celebrity showing off a glistening grill of diamonds or a cheap DIY toothpaste that includes scrubbing your teeth with dark, black charcoal—how are patients supposed to know what’s good for their teeth and what will actually hurt their smile?

Your Waco dentist wants to warn you about a few fads that you should think twice about before trying.

Using Black Charcoal to Whiten Teeth

Charcoal can be found just about everywhere in the beauty industry. Most would think that something so dark couldn’t whiten teeth—but social media uses that exact thought to add a “wow factor” to this whitening method. Although this fad could possibly help your teeth appear whiter initially because of its abrasiveness, it could cause problems for that same reason.

Why? This method of using activated charcoal is extremely aggressive on your tooth enamel. The charcoal “scrubs away stains” by really etching away your enamel and exposing the whiter dentin layer of your smile. In the future, your teeth will not only feel more sensitive but they’ll look more yellow than ever since every substance is able to penetrate the deeper layers of your teeth.

“Blingy” Grills Can Lead to Bad Teeth

A “grill” is a gold or even diamond plated device that covers your teeth. Although the concept of a grill seems harmless and fashionable, they can wreak havoc on your smile. There are two types of grills that can cause dental problems:

  • Removable grills promote tooth decay and encourage bacterial growth along your smile and gum line from having your teeth being covered in this metal case throughout the day.
  • Permanent grills work just as porcelain veneers, masking your natural teeth. But, just as veneers require regular dental work, so do permanent grills! Once you get one, there’s no going back.

Can Swishing Oil In Your Mouth Clean Your Teeth?

Another fad that’s surprisingly lasted throughout the years with as little valid research as it has, claims to offer unlimited health benefits—even whitening your teeth. By swishing your mouth with coconut oil (oil pulling), you’re supposedly able to remove lingering dental bacteria.

There are claims stating that dental plaque has a fatty outer coating. Although not a proven fact, oil pulling is supposed to stick to the substance and pull it away from the crevices of your smile. Although there’s no research stating whether oil pulling is effective or not, but there aren’t any harmful side effects to fear either.

When it comes to dental fads, be sure to do your research and reach out to your dentist if need be.

Meet Dr. Cofer

If you’re looking to restore your smile to its full potential, you need a dentist that can help you decipher fads from facts. With extensive education and experience in the dental field, Dr. Cofer is a great resource for information and advice about teeth and gums. If you have any questions, feel free to call our Waco office.

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