Uses for Sedation Dentistry That Have Nothing to Do with Anxiety

June 29, 2023

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Patient receiving nitrous oxide sedation

Dental sedation is often recommended for people who are anxious at the dentist’s office. If you’re someone who struggles to make it to the dentist for the care that you need, it can make it considerably easier to get comfortable.

However, there are other reasons why you may be interested in sedation dentistry, some of which have nothing to do with anxiety. Here are some uses for it that you may not have previously considered. 

Stop You From Tensing Up

Even people who don’t necessarily have dental anxiety can be a little bit anxious about the prospect of discomfort at the dental office. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause a self-fulfilling prophecy—nervous patients may tense up, which in turn makes them more uncomfortable than they would be otherwise.

Dental sedation can break this cycle, allowing you to feel at ease, which will make the procedure much more comfortable for you.

Keeping You Relaxed During Long Procedures

If you need several different procedures back-to-back, even just sitting in place with your mouth open can start to be a little bit taxing. For that reason, most dentists tend to schedule dental procedures across several appointments, which can make them easier to sit through.

However, sedation dentistry can flip the script on this. If you need several different procedures, the sedatives can make a longer appointment much easier to sit through, which ultimately makes things considerably faster.

Makes Treatment Faster

One of the parts of dentistry that isn’t often talked about but can seriously affect the efficacy of treatment is how well the patient is able to follow instructions during the procedure. If you’re frequently distracted or feeling antsy, that can make you a little less responsive, and cause the procedure to take longer than it might otherwise.

Sedation dentistry makes it easier for certain patients to comply with dentist instructions, making the overall treatment faster for both you and them.

As you can see, sedation dentistry isn’t something that’s just for dental anxiety. It’s considerably more versatile than that—it may even be perfect for you!

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