Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Before Vacation

June 10, 2023

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Summertime is here and you have been eagerly awaiting your family vacation! Your itinerary is set, but did you include a visit to the dentist in your timeline? Though you might initially want to push it off until after break, there are several reasons to schedule an appointment for comprehensive care before you leave. Continue reading to learn more!

Scheduling Is Easier in Summer

During the summer months our schedules tend to be more open without the usual hustle-and-bustle of the rest of the year. That means you have much more flexibility to find a time that works for you and your crew, when you don’t need to worry about the kids missing school during the day.

Not only that, but you’ll also have more time for dental work that involves multiple trips. Some things will likely need more than one appointment, such as:

  • Installing braces
  • Being fitted for aligners
  • Root canals
  • Mounting prosthetics

Keep in mind that certain procedures will require recovery time, too. There’s much more time during the “lazy” summer days to rest and recuperate from any oral surgeries you might need!

Protect Your Teeth

You are probably looking forward to enjoying all your favorite seasonal foods and beverages during your holiday, but many summer treats are full of sugary or acidic ingredients that can be damaging to the hard protective enamel of your teeth. A professional check-up and cleaning removes any bacteria growth and keeps your pearly whites in tip-top shape. You’ll have the preventative care you need to keep plaque and cavities at bay!

Prevent Emergencies

No one wants to end up in an ER, but emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere despite our best laid plans. Oral issues are no exception! By scheduling an appointment before you leave, your dentist can address areas of concern before they progress into a real dilemma while you’re away. Attending to any problems early on means that you can fully enjoy your time off without the anxiety that comes with dental emergencies.

Confidence To Smile

You don’t want to feel like you can’t participate in family photos this summer, but if you’re self-conscious about how you look, you might hold back. Something as simple as a whitening procedure in advance, or being fitted for aligners, will allow you to capture all those memories without hesitation. Strike a pose and grin!

As you can see, it pays to be proactive so take the time to call on your dentist prior to your holiday.  Fully embrace your time off knowing that your smile is happy, healthy, and strong!

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Dr. Cofer and Dr. McNutt at Premier Family Dental have been serving patients in Central Texas for over 25 years. With state-of-the-art technology, they offer comprehensive care for you and your whole family. If you are planning a summer getaway and would like a checkup, feel free to contact the office through the website or by calling (254) 732-0309.

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