Will ClearCorrect Affect My Habits? Your Dentist in Waco Responds

March 16, 2018

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A person removing their clear braces.If you’ve heard of clear braces before, you’ve probably heard of ClearCorrect and its effectiveness at transforming the smiles of other patients. No longer do you have to settle for crooked teeth and an inferior bite that can cause problems later down the road. That’s why your dentist in Waco has made the effort to learn about clear braces and provide them to his patients.

However, some of you have concerns about orthodontic treatments making an impact on your daily habits. He often hears questions like “Will I need to change my diet?” He also hears “Will I need to change my brushing habits?” Find out right now!

Do I Need to Change My Oral Care Habits?

A common question your dentist in Waco receives about orthodontic care is whether or not patients will need to adjust their oral care technique to accommodate additional hardware. When using traditional braces, this is very much the case due to the many brackets and multiple arch wires used to straighten teeth. Simple tasks like brushing and flossing tend to become more difficult, especially for young patients, so it’s understanding why this would be a concern.

That is not the case with clear braces from ClearCorrect. When you wear clear braces, you don’t need to adjust to a new oral care routine because they are removeable. That means you can resume your regular oral care habits while still undergoing orthodontic treatment. As long as your brushing routine isn’t incredibly long, it won’t affect your treatment results.

What About My Diet?

One of the most common reasons people don’t pursue orthodontic treatment is because they don’t want to change their diet. This typically involves eating softer foods that are less likely to get caught in the hardware that comes with metal braces.

Clear braces in Waco are easily removable, so any time you’re having a meal or even just a snack, you just pop them out while you eat! This allows a more convenient avenue for treatment and makes it easier for those with poor bites to correct them.

How Long Do I Need to Wear Them for?

With that being said, it’s very important that patients understand how ClearCorrect works to fix crooked teeth in the first place. For effective results, clear braces from your dentist in Waco need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day. The only time you should be removing them is to brush, floss, and eat (drinking water is fine while wearing clear aligners.)

Some people may remove them for social occasions, but it’s imperative that you wear them for as long as possible, otherwise you’ll get behind in your treatment and only extend the length of time needed to finish it.

Not sure if you’re eligible for clear braces from ClearCorrect? Schedule a free consultation with your dentist today to find out!

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