3 Cosmetic Enhancements to Make Your Smile Summer-Ready

May 31, 2022

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It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to break out the beach chairs, sunscreen, and bathing suits and start spending more time outside! For some people, however, it can be difficult to express themselves to the fullest when they aren’t comfortable showing off their smile. With the help of a cosmetic treatment or two, you can achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of having (and enjoy your summer vacation photos that much more as a result!) Read on to learn three treatments from a cosmetic dentist in Waco that can do just that.

Teeth Whitening

As one of the most popular treatments out there for a whiter and brighter smile, professional-grade teeth whitening offers more powerful and longer lasting results compared to anything you’d find in a store. This is mainly because the bleaching ingredients are stronger and make up a higher percentage of products typically purchased over the counter.

Not only that, but many practices will offer both in-house whitening and take-home options if you’re planning an upcoming trip. Whether you’re about to head out on a vacation and want to get whiter teeth immediately or you don’t mind whitening while on the go, both utilize powerful bleaching to get your smile up to eight shades whiter!

Porcelain Veneers

When multiple imperfections are present in your smile (or you want a total smile makeover as soon as possible), veneers offer the best of both worlds. Their ultra-thin structure is designed to bond to teeth making up a visible portion of your smile and hide everything from chips to cracks to stains and more.

While traditional veneers do require slight modification of enamel to place, some practices will offer minimal-prep veneers to help you skip this step. These restorations are even thinner, allowing you to maintain as much of your original tooth structure as possible. In either case, receiving veneers takes about two weeks, meaning you can transform your smile just in time for the season.


While braces are very effective at shifting teeth into straight positions and removing gaps, they aren’t the most esthetically-pleasing treatment (especially as an adult). With ClearCorrect, you can begin straightening your smile without having to worry about changing its appearance. The clear, plastic trays are custom-made to match specific stages of your realignment and worn over several months. It will take time to straighten your teeth completely, but you won’t have to worry about major changes in your appearance while you take photos on your next summer trip!

Ready to make your smile ready for the summer? Contact a dentist today to start planning your next smile makeover!

About Premier Family Dental

Dr. Rick Cofer and Dr. Ryan McNutt are trained to perform many cosmetic treatments in-house, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, ClearCorrect, metal-free restorations and more. Their virtual smile design technology allows you to see your future smile before you complete your treatment as well! To schedule an appointment, you can contact them through their website.

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