CEREC Same-day Crowns in Waco, Texas.

When a tooth is so decayed or has many fillings it can be detrimental to the health and appearance of your smile. Yet, restoration with a dental crown doesn’t appeal to you. Multiple dental appointments, the gooey materials used to take impressions of your teeth—while necessary for some patients, can be a hassle.

Dr. Rick Cofer understands your reluctance. For patients that qualify, he offers a quick and easy way to get a strong and exceptional looking porcelain crown in just one office visit. It’s called CEREC crown technology, and it has revolutionized how dentists and their patients experience restorative dentistry.

Here’s what CEREC technology involves.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Basically, that means beautiful porcelain crowns are crafted out of solid porcelain right in the dental office. Dr. Cofer is specially trained to use this ingenious instrument which combines a special camera, imaging and manufacturing software and an actual milling machine all in one. Experts call the technology CAD/CAM which means Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing. Dentists and their patients call the resulting restorations amazing!

The CEREC procedure takes place right in the dental chair.

Here’s how the CEREC procedure works. Dr. Cofer will use a small intraoral camera to take precise and clear images of your tooth. This information is transferred to the CEREC computer where the restoration is precisely drawn to mimic the shape of the natural tooth. Then, Dr. Cofer prepares the natural tooth by gently removing old fillings and decay, shaping it to accept the CEREC crown. He takes another set of images for the design software to use in the final “sketch” of the crown.

Additionally, images of the top and bottom teeth tell the CAD/CAM system how the patient’s teeth bite together. The CEREC crown not only will fit the existing space perfectly but also will come together precisely with its neighbors on the opposite arch.

Dr. Cofer then finishes designing the porcelain crown. The milling machine takes that design information and accurately carves a new tooth from a solid block of ceramic material. The porcelain is durable and absolutely biocompatible. This process takes several minutes.

When the carving is complete, Dr. Cofer smoothes the crown, eliminating and rough spots and then glazes the crown for color match and natural variations in shade. He places the restoration in a special oven to harden it.

After several minutes the stunning new crown is ready for placement. Dr Cofer puts some etching material and adhesive on the crown for secure bonding and then presses it into place. After checking for fit and bite, the natural-looking CEREC Same-day crown is complete.

Premier Family Dental in Waco, Texas is pleased to offer CEREC Same-day crowns to restore a smile to strong, life-like beauty that lasts indefinitely. The CEREC procedure is so fast and comfortable, and the results so amazing, that no one should hesitate to try it. Contact Dr. Cofer at Premier Family Dental today to discuss CEREC technology.

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