ClearCorrect Braces from Dr. Rick E. Cofer, Can Really Create a Difference in the Smiles of Waco, Lorena, and Robinson Residents

If you’ve been struggling with unsightly gaps or misalignments, an outstanding orthodontic option could really make the difference in how others perceive your smile. Dr. Cofer enjoys providing his patients with treatment choices that can dramatically improve the look of your teeth in a smooth and simple manner; that’s where ClearCorrect Braces come in!  With the help of this transformative option, you can achieve the awesome smile you’ve always dreamed about for a fraction of the time and cost here in Waco, TX.

The process is simple enough – after our team has taken precise measurements of your teeth and sent the information off to the ClearCorrect Braces, you’ll receive a set of aligners, which each need to be worn for a predetermined amount of time before you switch to the next one in the set. They represent different stages of movement as your teeth slowly form your ideal alignment, and you’ll start to see results after wearing each set. Attending brief, periodic check-ups with Dr. Cofer, is also important so that our team can ensure that you’re progressing smoothly.

There are many benefits to choosing ClearCorrect braces, including:

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