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Benefits of Dental Implants – Waco, TX

Enjoy Having a Beautiful, Complete Smile Again

older woman admiring her smile in the mirror

Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is an investment in your smile that should last for years, if not decades, to come. While you have plenty of choices for rebuilding your smile after tooth loss, dental implants offer the highest amount of clear advantages for both your oral health and your smile’s appearance. Before you call Premier Family Dental to discuss your tooth replacement options, Dr. Rick Cofer invites you to consider some of the following benefits of dental implants in Waco.

Restored Comfort

young man pointing to his smile with dental implants in Waco

Out of all of the tooth loss solutions available today, dental implants come the closest to feeling like your original pearly whites. This is due to a process called osseointegration. Over the course of three to six months after the implants have been placed, your jawbone actually grows around them. The posts then basically become a part of your anatomy. They’ll feel just as natural as the roots of the teeth you were born with. You might even forget you have an implant at all!

Improved Appearance

dental implant with crown next to natural tooth

In addition to feeling natural, dental implants in Waco also look natural. The titanium posts are entirely hidden underneath your gums. Your prosthetic is made of a high-quality, tooth-colored material that has been personalized to mimic the rest of your smile. Onlookers shouldn’t even be able to tell it’s not your “real” tooth.

The implants also stimulate new bone growth in your jaw. This prevents the jawbone shrinkage that normally occurs after tooth loss. Your jawbone will remain strong enough to keep your facial muscles from wrinkling and drooping, helping you maintain a youthful glow for years and years.

Easier Speaking and Eating

older man with glasses smiling

Because dental implants are firmly embedded in your jaw, they won’t lose their fit over time and slip around like traditional dentures do. You can avoid embarrassing situations where your teeth move or even fall out when you’re just trying to eat or talk. Implant-retained teeth stay in place, allowing you to speak clearly and eat a varied, healthy diet.

Unmatched Durability

older woman biting into red apple

With the right maintenance, dental implants can last for 30 years or more. Fortunately, caring for them is pretty straightforward. As long as you brush and floss daily and see your implant dentist in Waco twice a year for checkups, you can look forward to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.